Replace Plastic Waste with Durable, Biodegradable Hemp Straws


Finally a Truly Compostable Straw that Doesn't Suck (no pun intended...)

For nearly the same price as plastic straws, and cheaper than the paper alternative, hemp-based EarthStraws offer a real solution to a lasting problem.

Oh, and did we mention that they don’t dissolve like paper straws? Plus, these biodegradable, home-compostable straws are BPA free, FDA approved, and Non-GMO! 

Advantages of Hemp Straws and Comparison to Plastic and Paper
Hemp Straw Renewable Cycle Chart

Converting Renewable Sources Into Durable, Reusable,Biodegradable Products Consumers Demand

Durable Solution that Won't Dissolve

Hemp straws offer a lasting replacement for a long-term problem. Durable enough to be reused yet fully compostable, EarthStraws offer a cost-efficient replacement for plastic straws without the issues of paper and other plant-based straws.

Temperature Safe

Unlike other plastic straw alternatives, hemp straws can withstand temperatures as low as 0°F and up to 160°F.

Fully Biodegradable and Compostable

Hemp based EarthStraws are the first fully compostable plastic straw alternative to hit the market. They easily decompose at home without the need for industrial equipment. Switch today without breaking the bank.

Check Out Hemp Based EarthStraws from in Action

Perfect for Coffee

Perfect for Coffee

whether hot or cold.

Ideal for Cocktails

Ideal for Cocktails

and it won’t dissolve.

Juice Bar Solution

Juice Bar Solution

without any taste.

Better with Friends

Better with Friends

with zero guilt.


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