How Does a Brand Become Certified?

What Does It Take to Be Certified’s Certification program helps consumers, retailers, distributors, and more make safer decisions when choosing hemp and cannabis products. Certified is the only independent, third-party certification program in hemp and cannabis is also recommended by traditional distributors and many other organizations seeking to mitigate the risks of hemp and cannabis products. 

Brands that pursue Certification must undergo a full-panel product test for banned substances, a formulation and label review, production facility and supplier inspections, and ongoing monitoring in line with federal and state prohibited substance lists.

Steps to Certification

Brands that wish to pursue Kush certification must go through these steps:

Step 1 – Application

First, brands must submit an official application to and signup for a free, basic account on Once submitted, brands will be reviewed by a brand onboarding specialist who will review qualifications and ask for additional information such as:

  • Samples be sent to team
  • Review of MSA
  • Additional documentation such as COAs, licenses, and more
  • Review of sourcing and traceability procedures
  • Review of training and qualification programs
  • Review of internal SOPs
  • Review of product recall procedures
  • Review of brand marketing tactics

Step 2 – Product Testing

Brands who pass initial screening must be collected for independent, third-party review. The first step of this process includes a recorded video call in which a Rep directs a sample pull from the brand’s inventory to ensure a truly random sample.

When a sample is selected it must stay in the video frame until placed in the tamper proof bag, the bag is sealed, and a barcode is recorded on camera and for record. Once sealed in the tamper-proof bag, each sample is labeled with the sample number, SKU title, and is signed by the employee coordinating the sample.

This information is processed by a Rep will create a Chain of Custody document to go in the box with the samples to the QA lab. Labels are placed on the bag of each sample.

Independent testing QA labs will confirm when samples are received and when the full panel tests have been completed. will review the test results with each brand ensuring they pass all criteria:

Cannabis and Hemp Laboratory Testing Analysis
  • Label content verification
  • Contaminants
    • Microbiological and heavy metals
    • Pesticides/herbicides
  • Contain less than .3% Delta 9 THC
  • No more than 35mg of Delta 8 THC per serving
  • Serving size must be labeled with a warning
  • Nutritional label must be legible
  • UPC Codes / Barcodes must be present on packaging
  • No medical claims are made by the brands
  • Ongoing monitoring
    • Review of formulation/supplier changes by, including documentation
    • Ramdom samples of products without notice to brands

Step 3 – Certified Product Status

Once products have passed all Certification qualifications and have been reviewed by an advisory council, they are deemed Certified Products. These products are readily available for sale on and are made available to traditional distributors throughout the United States.

Ready to Become Certified?

Ready to show your commitment to safety, reliability, and consistency? Apply to be Certified today.

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