What Does Kush.com Certified Mean?

What Does Kush.com Certified Mean?

Kush.com Certified products are verified, evaluated, and tested to ensure they do not contain unsafe levels of contaminants, prohibited substances, or masking agents. Additionally, product labels are reviewed for accuracy to ensure the label matches the ingredients.

By doing so, the Kush.com Certified program provides consumers with safer choices when selecting hemp and cannabis products.

Kush.com Certified products meet the following standards:

  • Pass a full panel, third-party test
  • Do not contain unsafe levels of contaminants
  • Do not contain any prohibited or banned substances
  • Do not contain any masking or cutting agents
  • Contain accurate labels with dosage information
  • Meet local and Federal guidelines

How Does Kush Certified test products?

Kush.com has partnered with cannabis testing facilities across the United States that have met the highest qualifications including FDA certification. Each Kush.com Certified product is blindly submitted for testing to a third-party lab. Our process involves a recorded meeting with the brand in which they pull a product from their warehouse, place it in a tamper-proof bag, and mail it to the testing lab all while on video.

After products pass their initial test, Kush.com regularly pulls items from shelves in retail stores to randomly sample and test products for ongoing accuracy. To main Kush.com Certified status brands must continue to meet new restrictions as set forth by the Kush.com team and advisory council.

Why Does Kush Certified Matter?

While many manufacturers offer consumer education and resources on their websites, little credible information can be easily found. This makes it difficult for consumers to determine which brands’ products are credible.

That’s why Kush.com has led the development of the first truly independent testing standard and product certification program strictly for hemp and cannabis products, Kush Certified.

The cannabis and hemp industry moves at a rapid pace. Given the speed at which brands enter the market, it is often difficult or impossible to ensure that the contents are safe, reliable, and consistent.

To meet the growing demands of consumers, retailers, and distributors, Kush.com launched the Kush.com Certified program in 2022. Kush.com Certified products meet the most stringent qualifications in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Kush.com Certified Ensures Accurate Labels

With litle oversight, many hemp and cannabis brands enter the market with a legal or regulatory review. Kush.com aims to change how you access and consume cannabis. That means that accurate labels and ingredients are paramount to a consumer’s experience.

Many reports suggest that some of these products do not actually contain the ingredients or quantities shown on the label, giving consumers cause for concern.

Kush.com reviews all product labels, verifying that what is on the label matches what is in the product. By doing so, the Kush.com Certified program provides consumers a relaxing experience and removes the anxiety of choosing a quality product.

Why Kush.com Certification Matters for Brands

Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD product certification helps brands by:

  • Certifying that their products do not contain unacceptable levels of contaminants, including those specific to hemp, like THC and certain solvents
  • Verifying the validity of label claims by an accredited third-party
  • Elevating brands by demonstrating a dedication to quality and safety

If you’re a brand looking to become Kush.com Certified, click here to apply today.